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Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

wind beneath your wings!

Life Coaching on request +/- Hypnotherapy
(safe, efficient and target-oriented)

This unique and powerful combination makes it possible To you To unfold your fullest potential!​

You want to…

master privat ( relationships, partnership and family) and business challenges

dissolve blockages

lose anxieties & fears

live a fulfilling & meaningful life

get rid of stage fright

live a healthy life (smokestopp, eating habits)

achieve goals safely and intuitively


... then let me be the wind beneath your wings



The combination of hypnotherapy and life coaching is a highly effective method to help you safely achieve your goals and significantly improve your life. Hypnotherapy can help induce deep mental states where you are more amenable to positive change. Through life coaching, we can then use these states to help you identify your goals and strategize to achieve themCombining hypnotherapy and life coaching can uncover deep-seated beliefs and blocks that may be holding back your progress. Hypnotherapy can help to dissolve these blocks and support you in making positive changes in your life.​



virtual or live 💻📱

With Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp video telephony, FB Messenger...or Live of course

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching made easy, independent, time-saving and in the safety of your home or wherever you feel comfortable!

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