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Chistina Rutz
(after 14.7.23 Wieders)

Life Coach  & Hypnotherapist 

I am so happy to be the wind beneath your wings. 

With joy and dedication I accompany you on your life path and support you in developing your full potential.

 As a hypnotherapist, I am able to bring about profound and lasting improvements. So I can help you to finally make your wishes and dreams come true! ​

My professional journey began with studying the basics of psychology, followed by many years in the school sector as a speech and language therapist and teacher at all school levels. In particular, I have worked with children and young people with behavioral and learning difficulties in pre-school and school settings. In addition, I was able to gain valuable experience in the clinical field as part of my work.


 I am married and the proud mother of three teenagers and. Due to my life journey, I have been able to gain a wide range of experience in terms of family patchwork. This multifaceted role as a woman and mother has taught me to respond to individual needs with great empathy. ​


Working as a hypnotherapist and life coach gives me the wonderful opportunity to help people achieve their goals and dreams. It brings me great joy to see how my clients discover and develop their full potential by overcoming old patterns and blockages and reflecting on their inner wisdom and strength. Through my work as a hypnotherapist and life coach, I can help people overcome their fears and insecurities and live more fulfilling, happier lives. It is a great honor for me to be part of this personal transformation and to accompany my clients on their journey. ​

My in-depth expertise, years of experience and empathetic approach enable me to create a trusting and supportive environment for your personal development.


I look forward to accompanying you on your journey and helping you to discover and develop your full potential.

Feel free to contact me to make an appointment or for more information.

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